Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beekeeping and Honey Bees

The benefits of beekeeping can be a very rewarding hobby. Beekeepers not only get the local surrounding gardens pollinated but they get to enjoy the honey.

The honey bees are very hard working. Have you ever heard the term “ busy as a bee” ? It's true. Bees work so hard during there short life gathering nectar for the hive to feed the themselves and the baby bee larva, that they actually wear out there wings in about 35 days and are no longer useful to the colony and die. Bees store honey to feed themselves when the flowers are not in bloom. They store way more honey than they will ever eat that's where the beekeeper comes in to collect the honey allowing more room in the hive to store more honey.

There is two types of honey that the beekeeper can sell for profit. The first is the liquid honey that is extracted from the comb. The second is selling the honey still in the wax comb which has a different taste that some folks enjoy more.

Not known to a lot of people, but honey comes in different colors and flavors. Seeing as how different flowers have different scents it will cause the nectar to smell and taste different than another honey. Depending on the soil that the flowers are growing in can determine the color and the taste of the honey. Lastly the quality of the comb itself can effect the color and taste of the honey. Honey usually appears red, golden, and even green hues.

The hobby of beekeeping for some is a business that is taken very serious. If you are considering this hobby you need to at your local laws for keeping bees in your area. Also take into consideration if you are planning on selling the honey, there is government guidelines you have to follow for handling food product and the bee products being sold. There is also the strategy of marketing your honey and bee products to the consumer that you are targeting. So your hobby can be a very profitable business if you take care of your bees properly and consider it a business.

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